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Emergency Assistance

Applying for Emergency Assistance
What you need to know

Are you behind in your rent or mortgage?
Has your landlord given you notice to leave?
Have you received a foreclosure notice?
Is your family living in a shelter or other temporary place?
Have you received a disconnect notice for your utilities or is your heat or electricity cut off?
If you answered yes you may be eligible for Emergency Assistance (EA)
Eligibility Requirements:

Your family must include at least one adult and at least one minor child.
Your family must be low income.
You have not received EA in the last 12 months.
To apply for EA, you must:

Complete an EA application form. You can get the application at your local W2 agency.
Give the W2 agency proof that the information reported in your EA application is true.
The assistance payment amount is based on your family size and your situation.
Time Frame:
The goal of EA is to get help to you quickly. If you have given the W2 agency all the information they asked for, and are eligible, a payment will be issued within five business days of the date you applied. The payment may take longer if your family is homeless and has not yet found a new home.
Where to apply:
For the Northern Region

ROSS Innovative Employment Solutions
6550 N. 76th Street

Milwaukee Wisconsin 53223


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